30 Years of CCS

January 1980    
February 1980    
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May 1980    

January 1980....another record cold week on the Gunflint Trail in northern Minnesota. We were leading a five day winter ski trip to Eagle Mountain. Daytime temps hovered around the zero mark, night time dropped as low as negative fifty. We were warm enough, but our packs were LOUSY! The camp we worked for had big plans for upcoming climbing trips to the Wind River Range, but was a non-profit organization with no money to purchase new gear.


The only logical solution was for us to design and build our own.

Now, 30 years later, the CCS Rucksack is still much like the original designed in those cold winter months of 1980. We think of it as the pack that started it all.


We are, of course, still designing new products and testing new ideas. Our newest is the Lightweight Hiker---a 1.1 oz sil-nylon pack that is perfect for day hikes anywhere. We recently got the chance to have it tested on a three month hike of the Pacific Coast Trail.

To celebrate our 30 years of designing and constructing quality gear, we are thanking our loyal customers (and welcoming new customers!) by offering limited time 30% off sales each month on select items. Check the website often, as these items will be in limited quantities. (After all, we are still pretty much a Mom & Pop operation.)


Help us kick off the year with “the pack that started it all” the CCS Rucksack, and its newest complement, the Lightweight Hiker.

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