30 Years of CCS

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April 1980

Worked on laying out ski trails for the next year. Could ski till the middle of April in the morning before the sun got high and the snow crust would give way as the snow seemed to melt from the bottom up. A trail from the Helicopter pad into a black spruce swamp, with it's spread out trees. Swamp Laurel and Labrador Tea was poking through the snow, while the snow had all ready melted around the Black Spruce. Crossing the driveway and continuing to the end of the black Spuce bog. Followed old blazes along the property line till coming to the ridge above the lodge.

Following the ridge, busting though some dense Balsam fir groves seemed to be best way. A gradual down hill led to a sharp corner midway down would test some turning skills. Continuing into a swamp a trail would head off to what is now the Little Ollie Road and the Lima Mt Forest Service grade.

By the end parts of April there was menus to go over. Sample cooking and over the fire pan baking to prove out recipes. Once other folks ha tested and proved out it was not just a wish and a prayer the recipes would work the packaging began. An overturned canoe makes a great kitchen counter.

Pouring over maps became a nightly obsession. trying to plan the most into  the time between ice out and when staff would show up. A trip along the Border route west of sag and dropping down to Kek and out Seagull was decided upon.

31 years ago.
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