30 Years of CCS

We are a husband and wife team that has been actively designing and sewing for the outdoor industry since 1980. Our designs have been birthed out of our own hands-on backcountry experience combined with Dan's background in engineering. We were the first to commercially produce canoe covers designed for the canoe tripper as well as many specialized innovations for the outdoor enthusiast. We pride ourselves in providing customized service to meet the exact specifications and requirements of our valued customers. You can rest assured that all of our designs have been extensively field tested and re-designed where necessary to meet the needs of the serious backcountry canoe tripper. We continue to refine these designs as well as pursuing new ones to meet the needs of all people who truly enjoy the outdoors as we do. All of our products are backed by the CCS Guarantee of Excellence in Workmanship, if you have any problems please let us know.
We invite your inquiries about our products and look forward to serving your canoeing needs.

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May 1980

May on the Gunflint Trail finally feels like summer has a chance of arriving.  There is still snow in pockets in the woods, but activity in camp is gearing up big time for summer.  

Staff have been used as guinea pigs for our camp cook's newest concoctions of trail food - all of it excellent.  We never complained when offered any of Edith's experiments in food, however, the "side effects" of her vegetarian bean-heavy choices left some rather unpleasant air in the dining area. 

Staff were busy in other areas besides taste-testing.  Canoes were taken out on the water, all equipment was checked (again), curriculum for staff training was updated, and one last staff "fun" trip was in the works before summer campers began to arrive. 

The big trip of the year was to Devil's Lake, Wisconsin, for some climbing and hiking.  It's a beautiful area, and most important for us at that moment was the fact that it was not the northwoods of the Boundary Waters.  It sounds funny to say it that way, when we now plan our breaks to take us back to the BWCAW.  I guess no matter where home is, sometimes you need to get away and experience something different.


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