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Photo Courtesy of Gary Mcguffin

Solo Canoe Covers

For the solo tripper who wants the most reliable and functional cover for wind and water protection.

Photo Courtesy of David Morlock

Tandem Canoe Covers

For the group trippers who want the most reliable and functional cover for wind and water protection.

Wind, rain, or changing weather conditions, standing waves, or extended trips; these are all situations where a quality canoe cover can make the difference. More than just protecting your gear, a canoe cover will give you greater paddling control and efficiency due to less wind resistance.

CCS has been creating custom canoe covers for about 25 years in a variety of styles to suit your needs. To help us meet your needs, take time to reflect on the type of paddler you are and any specific situations you may encounter.

For a list of boats CCS has already made skirts for and will not require a new pattern, see our interactive chart.

* Note of Warning ...canoe covers are not for everyone! Canoe covers of any design can be life threatening if used without the proper training and practice exiting the skirt under controlled conditions.


-Custom fitted to your canoe
-Deck of the cover is sturdy coated pack cloth for durability and water repellency
-Edges are bound with 1 1/2" nylon tape for additional strength
-Skirt openings are ripstop nylon for less bulk and more comfort
-Skirt closure is 1/8" shock cord, adjustable with cord loop
-Quick release Velcro® skirt opening can be opened with one hand to provide greater freedom for an easy exit if necessary
-Designed with your safety in mind, there are no loops that could cause an entanglement
-Cord ties hold the skirt wide open when not in use
-Bow and stern have Velcro® tie-downs for lines
-Snaps are brass or nickel-plated brass, attached by you or by CCS (for a small fee) with aluminum rivets and backup washers
-Colors available: Red, blue, yellow, forest green, burgundy
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