What size pack should I buy?
How are pack volumes computed?


What size tarp should I buy?
Why did you discontinue selling urethane coated tarps?
What is the best way to rig a tarp?
Do I need to seam seal my tarp?


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Canoe Skirts

Have you ever made a skirt for a _____ canoe?
Why would I need to cover my canoe?


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What size pack should I buy?
Pack size is largely a personal choice. Some people are minimalists and want to go with the smallest, lightest, fastest outfit possible. Others are more interested in comfort and bring as amenities as they can fit into their canoe. We provide a wide range of pack sizes in order to allow you flexibility depending on your tripping style.

Some things to keep in mind when figuring out a pack size include the size of your canoe, especially if you are a solo canoeist. Our larger packs are harder to fit between narrow gunwales typically seen with solo canoes, so you might want to choose a smaller pack if this is the case. Another thing to keep in mind is how much do you think you can comfortably carry? Sometimes it is easier to have 3 medium sized packs than 2 large packs so you can spread out your load.

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How are pack volumes computed?
CCS computes pack volumes by a simple calculation - we multiply length by width by height of the pack and show that as a cubic inch capacity. It is important to note that if you are comparing CCS packs to packs made by other manufacturers that they might not compute their volumes the same way. Some manufacturers feel it is a more accurate measurement to fill a pack with a granular material (such as corn) to allow the pack to spread out to its maximum volume and then report that. When you are comparing, make sure you look at the overall dimensions of the pack and not just the maximum capacity.

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What size tarp should I buy?
We sell a wide range of tarp sizes in order to allow you maximum flexibility in your camp setup. Size required depends on many circumstances, but perhaps the most important considerations are group size and how important a tarp is for your tripping style. If you are a base camper, it’s probably more important to have a large comfortable area under a tarp, so you would probably want a larger tarp than someone that is apt to spend most of their tripping time traveling.

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Why did you discontinue selling urethane coated tarps?
CCS discontinued urethane coated tarps because of the performance advantages of silicone coated nylon over urethane coated nylon. The biggest advantages for sil-nylon over urethane coated nylon are strength and weight. 1.1 oz sil-nylon has approximately 2.5 times the tear strength of much heavier 1.9 oz urethane coated nylon. Silicone coated nylon is also a much more tenacious coating. Rather than coating one side of the cloth (as is done with urethane coatings), the fabric is impregnated with a silicone treatment that individually coats each nylon fiber, so the coating exists throughout the entire layer of fabric rather than being a separate coating that adheres to the surface of the cloth.

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What is the best way to rig a tarp?
Please download our tarp instructions (PDF) for a detailed approach to rigging a tarp.

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Do I need to seam seal my tarp?
All CCS tarps come standard with a tube of seam sealer. It is important to note that this sealer is specially formulated to work with sil-nylon, not urethane coated nylon (older style seam sealers will not adhere to sil-nylon). While it’s not absolutely necessary to seam seal a tarp, if you are under an unsealed tarp during a heavy or extended period of rain, it is likely that the nylon thread at the seams will wick moisture through the tarp and cause dripping at a low point along the seam. We highly recommend that you use your provided tube of seam sealer prior to using the tarp.

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Canoe Accessories

Canoe Skirts

Have you ever made a skirt for a _____ canoe?
CCS has made skirts for the following brands and models

CCS will provide materials to make a template if your canoe is not on this list. A $50 fee applies that will be applied to the purchase of a skirt.
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Why would I need to cover my canoe?
Canoe covers are highly useful pieces of gear, especially on extended trips where the difference between being dry and being wet can have a huge impact on the outcome of the trip. Canoe covers shed water in big waves when you are on big lakes in wind, or going through rapids. Canoe covers keep you warmer during spring and fall paddle trips by keeping wind, cold and moisture away. If you do long trips, early or late season trips, or big water trips, a CCS canoe cover is for you.

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