Shoulder Season.
That time of the year when weather is neither
winter nor summer; but both.

That time when the crowds shun the BWCAW and hardy souls revel in the abrupt changes, be they dramatic or subtle.

Participation based guiding, in the exciting times of the year. Where new skills can be learned and old ones built on. Weather can be a dominating force or a peaceful lullaby.

Nights come early and last long. giving time to reflect on the day that that has past. or dream mightily of those adventures yet to come.

October 4-6, 2014

October 8-10, 2014

October 4-10, 2014

Founder of Cooke Custom Sewing and expert paddler, Dan Cooke, teams up with Rob Kesselring to take canoeists into the BWCA wilderness on a guided journey. Focus of the trip will be special considerations for canoe camping in the “shoulder seasons”, bushcraft, and advanced paddling techniques. This is an opportunity to pause, take an intentional time out from your life, to consider what is next. You can choose between a solo canoe or a tandem boat.

$799 all-inclusive for 3 day class

$1199 all-inclusive for 7 day class

For more information or to register for one or both of these classes please call or e-mail me directly:


Rob Kesselring



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