Matt Adams:

Minimalists Shelters are Great for the Family too! I have a family of five with kids ages 6, 8, and 10. Since I was young I've spent springs, summers, and falls paddling in the Boundary Waters and Quetico and have always enjoyed a light and fast tripping style. This allows me to log as many miles and see as much country as possible. As a family we've been tripping in the Boundary Waters for a couple of years now. To provide accommodations for five I began packing two lightweight backpacking tents (one two person and one three person) for a total of 11 lb 9 oz. Not only was this pretty heavy it forced the family into two structures, neither of which had a lot of room to spare, and made double portaging a guarantee. This year we left the tents behind and used the Lean3Plus at ~4lbs - what a dream! Weight was reduced by more than half, the reduction in bulk was even better, the family could sleep in a single structure, and we didn't double portage once! The first night we used it my 10 year old daughter and I set up the Lean3 in a mad rush to beat what turned out to be a torrential downpour with high winds. A very hastily setup structure withstood both wind and rain! The Lean3Plus has become a staple piece of gear for my family.

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